Nissan GU 3.0Di Patrol OBD Interface.

Nissans 3.0Di Patrol isnít OBD compliant, so in order to set up an interface I used the older Consult interface combined with an OBD-II plug to interface a PC with the Nissan Zexel ECU. This is simple enough to do and you start out by ordering a PLMS Developments ( interface box and cable from Pete at PLMS Developments, but you donít need the DataScan Software. Then youíll need to change the 14 pin Consult plug over to a 16 pin OBD-II plug that can be sourced from Youíll want the plug (J1962M open plug 220501) and some pins (240401) to do the job and the pinouts are as follows;


You only need to terminate 4 wires because we donít need to use the timing line, but I still fitted the Clock wire although itís not needed. We only need a 12V ignition, Ground, TX and RX line into the OBD-II plug. I think that Pete and both take Paypal, which makes it easier to order online.


This should get your laptop or car PC communicating with the ECU provided you have the correct software. NISTune is the only software that Iíve found to work because it has been specifically set up to work on a 3.0Di Patrol. No other OBD or Consult software, to my knowledge will work on the 3.0Di Patrol. NIStune is available from Matt Brown at or email Matt at

Matt can supply the software and heíll also supply the NISTune Consult Diesel Address File thatís required to read the 3.0Di ECU.

Nistune works well on the Patrol, but many of its features arenít compatible because we canít use the Nistune boards on our vehicles, but we can read some of the vehicles sensors and log and play back events while driving.  We can monitor sensors, but canít make any changes to settings or maps. I find this useful to keep tabs on MAF voltages and Coolant Temperature. There also is a gauge view screen that gives us MAF, MAP, Coolant Temp, Fuel Temp, Charge Voltage, TPS, Speed, RPM and Injection Timing.

It should be understood that this software is still under development and the Diesel version is constantly being updated with new features as its development progresses. This page will be updated accordingly.

Click on the image below for more screenshots.