Bunkers Conservation Reserve Bird List by Wally Klau 2012


 1          1         Emu                                                       Seen on the track in and at Pinnacle bore. Seen various sites. Seen near Minnitinna creek.

                        Dromaius novaehollandiae                   

 2        43        Crested Pigeon                                     Seen along the track near the Minnitinna creek. Seen at Minnitinnai creek. 

                        Ocyphaps lophotes                              

 3      224        Wedge-tailed Eagle                             Seen soaring high near 15mile bore.

                        Aquila audax

 4      240        Nankeen Kestrel                                  Seen soaring over the hills behind the bunkhouse.

                        Falco cenchroides                               

 5      239        Brown Falcon                                        One seen at the disused quarry. Seen along the track.

     Falco berigora                                      

 6      291        Australian (Mallee) Ringneck              Seen daily including at the bunkhouse and along the creeks.

                        Barnardius zonarius barnardi            

 7      296        Mulga Parrot                                         Seen several times near the enclosures.

                        Psephotus varius

 8      307        Elegant Parrot                                       A pair seen on top of Mt Billy.

                        Neophema elegans

 9      337        Pallid Cuckoo                                         Seen near the northern enclosure it was seen north of the firing range.

                        Cacomantis pallidus                              

10     555        Brown Treecreeper                             Seen at the disused quarry.

                        Climacteris picumnus

11     535        White-winged Fairy-wren                   There are groups mainly in the open area on the flat.

                        Malurus leucopterus areas.

12     536        Variegated Fairy-wren                        There are groups scattered on the reserve.

                        Malurus lamberti lamberti

13     497        Redthroat                                              There is a good population on the reserve. Very seldom seen but often heard.

                        Pyrrholaemus brunneus                      

14     465        Weebill                                                   Are seen every where usually in eucalypt trees but also seen in smaller scrubs. They are very vocal.

                        Smicrornis brevirostris                         

15     486        Yellow-rumped Thornbill                     Several groups seen on the reserve, a group around the bunkhouse.

                        Acanthiza chrysorrhoa                        

16     481        Chestnut-rumped Thornbill                 Seen over most of the  reserve, including around the bunkhouse.

                        Acanthiza uropygialis                           

17     476        Inland Thornbill                                     Only two groups observed, on Minnitinna creek and near 15m bore.

                        Acanthiza apicalis                                  

18     466        Southern Whiteface                             These are seen and heard everywhere.

                        Aphelocephala leucopsis

19     976        Striated Pardalote                                Reasonably common in most eucalypts. Usually heard and rarely seen.  

                        Pardalotus striatus                               

20     608        Singing Honeyeater                              Not as common as they usually are.

                        Lichenostomus virescens

21     623        Grey-fronted Honeyeater                   Very common, usually in eucalypts.

                        Lichenostomus plumulus

22     625        White-plumed Honeyeater                  First time I have seen on this reserve. Only two seen one on the Mt. Caernarvon track and one on the flat in eucalypts.

     Lichenostomus penicillatus                 

23     594        White-fronted Honeyeater                 Reasonably vocal on the hillside behind the bunkhouse and Minnitinna creek crossing.  

                        Purnella albifrons                                 

24     635        Yellow-throated Miner                         Heard near the bunkhouse and a group near 15 mile bore. 

                        Manorina flavigula                                

25     640        Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater                Reasonably common around the bunkhouse and seen and heard over most of the area.  

                        Acanthagenys rufogularis                   

26     445        White-browed Babbler                        Groups seen several areas on the reserve.

                        Pomatostomus superciliosus

27     446        Chestnut-crowned Babbler                 Seen on the flat area of the reserve. They are very timid and hard to get close to.  

                        Pomatostomus ruficeps                        

28     866        Chirruping Wedgebill                            A good population on the reserve. Very vocal on the flat area from the shooting gallery northward. Was heard on the Mt. Caernarvon track.

                        Psophodes cristatus                                

29     424        Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike                  Heard east of the 15 Mile Bore track.

                        Coracina novaehollandiae

30     401        Rufous Whistler                                    Seen and heard several areas.

                        Pachycephala rufiventris

31     408        Grey Shrike-thrush                               Seen on two sites on Mt. Caernarvon track.

                        Colluricincla harmonica

32     547        Dusky Woodswallow                            Seen on the second site on Mt. Caernarvon track.

                        Artamus cyanopterus

33     702        Grey Butcherbird                                  Seen near the bunkhouse. Seen and heard other areas including along Minnitinna creek.

                        Cracticus torquatus                              

34     705        Australian Magpie                                 Seen at the disused quarry. Seen along the Minnitinna creek and range and heard at the bunkhouse.

                        Cracticus tibicen                                      

35     364        Willie Wagtail                                         Only one seen near the enclosure area.

                        Rhipidura leucophrys

36     930        Australian Raven                                   A nest with young at Pinnacle bore. Seen and heard other areas.

                        Corvus coronoides                                

37     691        Little Crow                                             One heard calling near the Northern enclosure.

                        Corvus bennetti

38     381        Red-capped Robin                                Reasonably common on the reserve. Mostly un-coloured birds. 

                        Petroica goodenovii                              

39     574        Silvereye                                                Only one seen behind the bunkhouse and heard at one site on the Mt. Caernarvon track. 

                        Zosterops lateralis                               

40     359        Tree Martin                                           Only seen at sites on the Mt. Caernarvon track.

                        Petrochelidon nigricans                       

41     564        Mistletoebird                                         Very common. Seen and heard every where.

                        Dicaeum hirundinaceum

42     647        Australasian Pipit                                  Only two seen in the Northern enclosure, the only ones  on the whole reserve. 

                        Anthus novaeseelandiae